Hannah James

hannahjamesClog dancer, accordionist and singer.

‘Hannah James is a wonderfully talented, young singer, clog dancer and accordion player. She is set for great things. Watch this space…’ Maddy Prior

‘Hannah is an incredible musician – a beautiful singer, inventive accordionist and her dancing is out of this world.’ Jon Boden

Most professional musicians spend their early lives squirrelled away in bedrooms, practising scales and honing their stagecraft until a lucky breakthrough.

But a happy combination of prowess, passion and precociousness has seen Hannah James grow and evolve very much in the public eye, as she begins a new chapter as a solo performer.

An early introduction to folk dance and music through her parents saw Hannah take up clog, Appalachian step, Irish dance, theatre dance and tap, before picking up the accordion aged eleven. Undaunted and eager, she can still remember her first solo performance: ‘Tantika’ by Jo Freya at the Beehive Folk Club in Harthill, Sheffield. It is the place where she cut her teeth, and it still remains her favourite folk club.